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Top FMCGs still hiring in 2021

Check out our list of the best FMCGs that are hiring for 2021

Varsity Careers Hub and the 93% Club

VCH and the 93% Club are pleased to announce that they will be working together to help to address the issue of the attainment gap

How to Write a Killer CV

A good CV is one of the most important parts of many job applications!

How to Make the Most of Your Vacation Scheme

Whether online or in person, these tips will help you make the most of a law vacation scheme!

A Day in the Life of a Summer Analyst

Thinking about a summer analyst internship? This blog post explains what to expect in a traditional working day.

5 Accountancy Firms That All Applicants Should Know About

These firms are some of the leading graduate employers in accounting

5 Investment Firms That Don’t Get Enough Attention

These 5 boutique investment firms are a great place to begin a career as an investment analyst.

Five law firms that you should be applying to

Solicitor or barrister? Magic Circle or US? Law degree or conversion course?

How is COVID-19 Impacting Graduate Recruitment?

This blog looks at how severe the impact of COVID-19 on graduate recruitment is likely to be.

Six Great Companies Still Hiring

If you're a student looking for work, don't worry! There are still companies hiring graduates!

VCH is now recruiting University Advisors

If you are looking for a part-time role over the summer and next year then check out VCH's new University Advisor Role

How VCH is raising money for Mind

Find out about how we partnered with Mind to help raise money for this amazing charity!

How to succeed on a vacation scheme

You’ve got your foot in the door and won a place on a vacation scheme, now you need to perform.

Commercial awareness - what is it how to get it?

This article will explain what that phrase means, give some examples of it, and help you to learn how to become more commercially aware.

What is fintech and why should you care?

Fintech is one of the major growth areas that is affecting the financial world. Here is why you should care.

How to write a good cover letter quickly

A well-written cover letter can make the difference between an interview and a rejection; luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips to help you write a great cover letter.

Five Quick and Simple Steps to CV Nirvana

We get it - CV writing is dull. Sometimes painfully so.